i'm a complete noob at guitar and trying to learn some punk for acoustic. Social D seems not too bad (plus they rock), so i'm trying to learn the acoustic version of ANGELS WINGS.

I'm having a really hard time picking up strumming patterns from songs though. i can make it through the first verse then i'm completely lost. I have the chord changes down, and this is my first real song, so if anyone knows the strumming pattern, could you post it and help me out.

this is the song:
im a huge social d fan so its pretty cool you are learning one of their songs.
i would say first make sure your strumming and picking is correct and then after youve got the correct motions down, try speeding up,or adding a little something.
but i would think first get the technique down
yeah, it's a pretty basic song, and i can play it, but i know the strumming is off so it doesn't sound the same. but i can't figure out the strumming pattern.
Yea I myself am tryin to learn the strumming for that very song as well. Let me know if you figure anything out?
With acoustic, you don't really have to exactly mimic strumming patterns. Make up your own that fit the song well and you're good to go.
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Yea I myself am tryin to learn the strumming for that very song as well. Let me know if you figure anything out?

I will...and you let me know if you figure anything out
The real trick to playing anything by Social Distortion is trying to tweak your amp and gear to get that classic Social D sound (if you are playing amped up) and that is not so easy to do. I have been playing some Social D stuff for a few years. Don't Drag Me Down, Prison Bound, Ball And Chain and on and on all have that little something that only Mike Ness knows how to achieve to perfection. Don't get me wrong it is atainable but you have to work at it.

Angels Wings is a great song the best way to get the strumming pattern down is to throw on Sex Love & Rock And Roll and play it over and over.

But this link will help you out BIG TIME....Jack H. plays a ton of SD and he is pretty good answering any questions.

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worst case scenario just get the tab on guitar pro and you'll see how the strumming pattern works.