my band is in the process of picking what songs we are going to cover. right now we have 5 originals and and 2 covers (slither and welcome to the jungle) but we need more songs to have a decently long set. we have a bunch in mind but alot of them are a little bit on the mellow side plus a few of our originals are on the slower side. this brings me to my question. what would be good classic or good hard rock songs that we could play that are pretty heavy with good guitar parts and stuff. im open to any suggestions but no guns n roses or velvet revolver, weve already decided on a bunch of those. thanks in advance.
Whats the lineup? I would assume two guitar, bass, drum, vocals but assumptions tend to F*** things up.
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God Gave Rock and Roll To You - KISS (the version from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, with the Vai intro).
Don't De-Rock Me by Tesla. It's pretty much the best song to play live ever. Great drum solo, extremely excellent dual guitar solo, fun to sing. Just listen to it, if you can find it somewhere. Here is a demo from Wal-Mart Downloads: http://musicdownloads.walmart.com/catalog/servlet/ArtistServlet?id=6782&term=tesla&action=artist&x=0&y=0&paginationIndex=1

The song is about halfway down.
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again - alice in chains
bound for the floor - local h
zero - smashing pumpkins
my own worst enemy - lit
unglued - stone temple pilots
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I guess it depends on venue. For a typical bar, you have to feel out the typical crowd. Take for instance a classic rock cover band: Poison (talk dirty 2 me, nothin but a good time) and AC/DC (you shook me, highway to hell, back in black) typically are good for chicks because they are danceable. If there's a lot of hotties shaking their hottie parts, then the guys will at least be semi-happy. If you go with stuff that's either too artsy or heavy, you will run the risk of a sausage fest. And as soon as the mostly male audience realizes that their odds of getting laid (with females) has taken a left turn down Celibacy Street, you will lose the remainder of the audience. Make sure that if you play a song with some limited appeal you follow it up with something to keep the crowd into your set.

Don't play "Stranglehold" or "Rocky Mountain Way" unless you are targeting some half-baked 40 to 50 somethings. Those songs are great to listen to, but most of the time they suck live.

It requires a good balance, and yes, maybe a little selling out between what you might WANT to play, and what you will NEED to play.

Here's some suggestions, which also reflect my tastes and what I've seen work.

Metallica: Seek & Destroy, Sad but True, For whom the bell tolls
Pantera: cowboys from hell, this love, cemetary gates
Tesla: Love song, Modern Day cowboy
Cinderella: shake me, Somebody save me
Poison, Ac/DC, maybe some Dokken?

A local band here does "Get it on" by Kingdom Come. good stuff, rocks pretty good, and great for hotties to grind to!

Those are some of the songs I play and others have been successful with. Gauge your audience, and figure out how to keep em happy.
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If you want mellower try some newer Incubus stuff like Anna Molly. Or Maybe some STP like Vaseline or Trippin a Hole in a Paper Heart.