I have the line 6 spider II and yes it could be better, but its a good amp for how little it cost, loud.....does the job and you can get a nice sound from it if you fiddle about with it

I just wondered what the improvements (sound wise, not amount of channels) the spider III has on it.
It still has no tone whatsoever. And it still breaks up like crazy at even moderate volumes.

The Spider Valve, on the other hand, is awesome.
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.
Oh god....another "which crappy spider is better?"

Sorry, I've seen this a lot...from what I've read other people say, the II is better I think.
I'm not sure though, I can't really remember if I'm right or not
I own the spider III and honestly it's been doing great for me. I can't say about the line II because i haven't tried it, but as far as the spider III goes i say it's totally worth it especially for the little it costs
If your looking to buy a new amp, how about telling us your budget and the styles of music you play, so we can be helpful and not have this turn into yet another spider bash fest....
meh, you wouldnt be upgrading by going for the spider III

it doesnt have much more to offer.

are you looking for a new amp or are you just wondering the comparison between them?
I was just looking at the comparison, because from what i can see all they've done is added the bits they left out in the spider II.....which they shouldnt have

e.g. more presets, an output that doesnt silence the amp (although im not sure the spider III does do this)

sorry to create another (quote) spider bash fest but i really dont see what peoples problems are with it....yeah its not the best sounding amp but it cost me £250 a few year ago, brand new, and for a 150w amp with 2 12" speakers and that is able to cope with the vast majority of gigs (unless your playing for a BIG crowd, then you would have the money to buy something better anyway)

and despite what mafropetee said, mine doesnt break up when i crank up the volume AND every gig ive been to its been output to a PA via a microphone anyway....which is what most small concerts do, so why would you need it any higher than half, the PA should handle it after that.
I also own a Spider III (the 120 watt, 2x10 version) and I don't have any complaints so far. I have found that many of the presets are pretty much useless, though some are quite interesting. I've spent some time fiddling with my amp and have gotten some nice sounds, so I believe this amp isn't exactly "toneless".

So far it works for me, and is more than loud enough. Mine gets nice and loud without breaking up.