Funtwo is a guy who covered the famous "Canon Rock" by JerryC.
you know you've seen the video:

I heard he used a zoom pedal of some sort and the settings are somewhere..
but where..?
I really wanna' get his guitar tone.

help greatly appreciated

yes I know he uses a POD XT Live now.
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I have pod xt, His tone was nice, Mabe used a Harmonic Converger
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I heard he uses POD XT now but for his canon rock recording I believe he used a zoom pedal of some sort.. heard that from several places.
Supposivley he uses a Zoom GFX-8 but the question is where the heck can I get one at and what are the settings for his tone..?
Use a PODXT.

Treadplate Dual
Drive: 66%
Bass: 44%
Mids: 79%
Treble: 66%
Presence: 30%
Volume: 93%

Threshold: 20
Gain: 10

Classic Dist.
Drive: 68%
Gain: 46%
Tone: 50%

Noise Gate
Threshold: -64 db
Decay: 6

Digital Delay: 352 mms
Feedback: 20%
Bass: 50%
Treble: 50%
Mix: 35%

Medium Hall Reverb
Predelay: 50%
Decay: 70%
Tone: 50%

There is what I use for it. It is what he supposedly uses. Use the EQ and give it an upper mid spike and treble a little more than even.

EDIT: Take the Delay mix down to about 20% or get rid of it all together. I think the delay isn't really needed except if theres only a tiny bit.
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You go to the Ultimate settings thread.
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You realize Funtwo isn't even on the list, and that simple bass, treble, mid, and gain stats won't help your tone sound anywhere close to funtwos?
It's far more then just that.. it's amp models and effects and crap.
After looking at stuff apparently he uses a zoom gfx-8 and the settings are:

Drive: MS DRV
GAIN: 14, PRE GAIN: 6, TONE: 7, LEVEL: 25

TIME*100: 3, TIME*1: 7, FEEDBACK: 9, DLYMIX: 6

TIME: 10, PRE DLY: 40, TONE: 8, HALL MIX: 15

EQ sets:
EQ LEVEL: 26, TRBL FRQ: 6.3 and MID FRQ: 1.6 and BASS FRQ: 63

anyone know if this is correct and will really give you a tone like his..
and can you get the exact same tone on a gfx-3?
You know what.
I just realized.
I should go to a store and test out those pod XT settings..
I always wondered if I could really get JerryCs setting on them..
wow I feel so stupid.

but yeah I noticed they were like the same as JerryCs.. but the first few were a little different, like the bass and treble and stuff.
I thought maybe funtwo just copied Jerrys since funtwos a big fan of him