Ok im looking into getting a new amp, i want a realy nice clean and also a realy good overdrive! I play stuff from my church (more acoustic/slight crunch) to more metal (Dream theater, Metallica) Im looking to spend about 300-500 on it.
maybe get a really great clean amp, like a Vox AC30, and a quality distortion pedal?

Marshall amps are supposed to have amazing cleans, but i don't know what quality you'd get from a Marshall at 500 quid.
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

my gear:

Gibson LP Standard
Epiphone SG
Classical guitar
Peavey ValveKing 112
Marshall MG15
From what I've read for the past 2 months I think?

The peavey classic 30 + and OD will make you

Which is what I'm getting aswell
Yeah a C30 will do nearly any thing but modern metal with an OD. Powerpop/alternitive is this amps bread and butter, with an OD its is pretty good amp for hard rockers on a budget. And the Cleans are pretty awesome, not=equal to fenders, but very good any way.