Pretty cashstrapped at the moment, so I'm going to have to let some kit go

First up, Jackson King V, fitted with the Zakk Wylde EMG pickup set. Black alder body, I've fitted silver coloured pickup rings rather than the standard black to match the rest of the hardware. Bolt on maple neck with rosewood fretboard, but with sharkfin inlays. Jackson don't make this model any more, its far superior to the JS series.

Its been used a fair bit, both points to the V are chipped and theres another couple of small chips in the lacquer.

Asking £400 plus a bit for postage

Dean ZX in Braziliaburst. As standard except the cream pickup rings have been replaced with black ones (I can refit the originals if the buyer wants)

Asking £175 plus a bit for postage on top

Line 6 POD 2.0, complete with power adaptor and instruction book.

£70 posted to your door

Dunlop Crybaby, model GCB-95. No power adaptor but I'll throw in a guitar cable.

£45 posted to your door

Not looking for any trades (unless somebody has a buckshee Dean Stealth floating about....), just cold hard cash.

I can meet this week in the London \ Watford area, or from the coming weekend, the Cardiff \ Bridgend area if you'd like to save on postage

Jackson KV £300
Dean ZX £125
Line 6 POD 2.0 £60 posted
Dunlop GCB-95 £40 posted

Feel free to haggle with me for anything, will trade the lot for a Krank Rev Jr halfstack or a Dean Stealth (longest shot ever, but what the hell, worth a go), other than that, still only looking for cash
Pics of the KV?
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Overview of the body


Dents in the body next to the TOM Bridge

Ding in the right hand side of the body

Left hand and right hand pointy bits wear

Just realised its fitted with a DiMarzio sling as well, I've still got the original sling loops if you prefer them...

I've concentrated on the "damage", as anybody can look up a picture of a King V. Playing wise, its absolutely fine, just those relatively small cosmetic marks let it down. Most of those chips happen to pointy guitars at some point anyway
Hey man, got any pics of the Dean? If you've still got it on the 7th of April I'l probably buy it
hey man,would you ship that POD to new york???if yes,how much is it(i dont know about euros)
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Yeah, I'd ship to New York, with postage I reckon about $160 posted to your door

ive got a schecter that is sitting around, idk if you'd be willing to ship to central US
Man i really want a Jackson King V! I've been waiting to get one but they're so expensive! Is it still 300? Post a message on my profile: nolife'tilmetal. I think on the forums they call it "PM". If you can't PM me than just tell me on here.