So, I'm thinking about switching my Firebird Studio's neck with a 50's Les Paul neck. Any one try something like this before? Comments? advice?
Good luck doing that without causing major damage to the neck or body. I really can't see any way of removing a set neck without completely destroying it. If Firebird necks are through, then it's pretty much impossible.
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Not the studio model; they're set neck insteasd of neck thru.

Would def recommend taking it to a professional if you're going to have that done... Its no easy task.
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The studio has a set neck. I know it's not going to be easy, but wouldn't it look sick to see a firebird with that scroll headstock. Almost like an RD.
Taking one set neck off is alot of trouble 2 would be serious work. I would imagine it can be done but dont know if the neck pockets are the same for the 2 guitars. And thats alot of money in guitars if it doenst work. I hate to think what gibson charges for a neck change. I know on epis its more than a new guitar costs.