ENGL BLACKMORE head - good condition

comes with 6-way footswitch worth £150


comes with new flightcase fitted!! worth £160


David Gilmour EMG set with expander and presence pots - new these retail between £150-£200.

let me know if you wish to have photos - shipping is only to the UK (sorry guys, but the prices are crazy)

i am very much open to any (cmon - reasonable!!) offers.

**** I just bought a Fireball + footswitch for £650, please tell me you are selling the Blackmore for more....!
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oooh dear - sorry to burst thata bubble - but lets say around that area - more, but a lot more amp for not much more money

p.s people - i am selling a Korg Toneworks AX1500G - again, open to offers
please post pics

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£80 for the hardcase. only problem, shipping or travel will probs cost a fortune
i'll add something else in - bit sneaky

xbox for sale with 14games 21dvds, remote and 2 controllers
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shipping for large flightcase is around £30-40

pics up v.v.soon

il have to pass then! damn shipping eh. if you posted this sunday i coulda had it as i was rite near wales pikcing up my powerball and coulda come and got it!
ah sorry, no worries!

good luck with the powerball - v.similar to the Blackmore in my testing - Blackmore is more Marshall, less compression, slightly less gain and more old skool.