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Ok you guys. I just got back from my learners permit test and I didn't pass...but wait.

Alright here are my scores:

Vision Test - %100
Questions - %100
Signs - %70

You have to get at least an %80 on all parts in Kentucky. I don't feel so bad though, because there was a guy that came in just before me that failed it.

So my question is, How many UGers failed their first permit test?

EDIT: you need %100 in vision I think, which would make sense.
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Did the same thing you did, failed my signs test, went back two days later and passed with 100%. I'm in KY as well.
^^^ had to be said. but just so it wont be spam i havent taken my test yet.
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ok heres the very sad deal i was wondering if there was any girls who love guitar and music
on here who live in california who are willing to go out with me
they literally asked me what a STOP and YIELD sign looked like. did i fail? no. no i did not.
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i cant take it till my progress reports say nothing about missing work on them
Well, really the only thing I messed up on was switching the "Two-way Traffic" and "Divided Highway" signs, and apparently one more.
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VA you need to pass 100 in vision and signs, and 80 in questions. I'm happy to say I got a 100 on all three. :P
i'm guessing this is like a learner drivers license?

if so yeh i passed and then i went and got a real drivers license, they are much more fun
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im guessing i got a 100 on vision since i passed it, 100 on road signs and like 90 on road signs
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I think the only question I got wrong was about fines and imprisonment for drunk driving. I didn't really bother with it because I don't plan on driving drunk.
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My first question was "What animal is this?" and the options were:
A) Dog
B) Walrus
C) Horse

I loled. and then people stared at me. I think it was just an example of how to take the test though.
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I don't understand why so many people fail it. I got 100% the first time. I failed the driving test for my license though...
I passed my learner's test, perfect, but I'm worried about my provisional license test.
I failed it twice before i got it. I went in to take it and they had practice tests online (i took them about 20 times) and i thought i was ready. I go in and take the test and fail it. None of the questions that were online were on the test. It was really lame. So then i went in to take it the second time and the same thing happen.

Finally i got it on the third time. But now its almost time for me to get my licence.
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I did it last week, failed. All my signs right, seven multiple choice questions wrong though. I'll just try again this week.
I failed my permit test the first time as well. I missed the very last question when I wasn't allowed any more misses.

How many feet must you stop behind a school bus?

I got it wrong and proceeded to vocalize the obscenities that were running through my head.
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Passed first try. 100% vision, 80% questions and 100% signs I believe.
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I passed on the first try. I passed the vision part of the exam. On the test, I got all the signs right and only missed one of the questions. It was pretty easy.
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That's nothing; I once failed a hermit test!

Now I am not allowed to leave the city.
i failed and re-wrote 10 minutes later to pass
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I failed it twice, and passed it the third time with exactly 80%.

In Canada, we have to get 80% on the test or we fail. If our vision is not perfect, then we have to see an eye doctor and get eye correction before we're given our permit.
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failed it the first time, gotta get 16 questions right, i got 15 :-o, but I'm ok cause I get my lisecence(sp?) end of this month :-). Probaly won't be able to keep it though lol. The massachusetts driving laws for junior operators are stricter then concentration camps.
I only got 2 questions wrong, both where about how long I'd get locked up if I drank and drove. I was all like "Jeesus, I'm 15 I don't care about the consequences of drinking and driving"
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I think I only missed one question on the written test, but still passed. I did fail the driving test once though, but waited a while and redone it and passed. In Missouri the tests are pretty easy. You just have to know the basics really well.
Dude I didn't even study for that test at all. Thats like failing at adding sugar to a cup of coffee, and stirring until diluted. THATS WHAT YOU FAILED
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If you fail your permit test, your an idiot. Period.

All is takes is a glance over the book and some common sense.
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If you fail your permit test, your an idiot. Period.

All is takes is a glance over the book and some common sense.

At first I read this part as "If you fail your hermit test", which ensued in the three most hilarious seconds I've experienced on UG.

Then it went back to being sad again.
its better than virginia, you have to get 100% of the signs and 80% of general knowledge.
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Quote by A_New_Level
If you fail your permit test, your an idiot. Period.

All is takes is a glance over the book and some common sense.

Take the permit test in Massachusetts and that again.
im proud to say i got 100% on the permit test and 2 points off the driving test, but thats a pass
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100% on permit test, passed the license test the first time, AND THEN hit by a car. WOOOH
havent taken it yet, but both of my frends failed it. apperently virginia beach is tough
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I passed it on my third try. I got questions about blind people. I have no idea what to do if a blind guy is ever walking around on the road where I'm driving, but I know that he should get out of the way.
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