I'm not done writing this song so I sang the first verse during the second because It's not written yet. There are a few noticeable screw ups but please, give me your honest opinion.

edit: Can someone help me out? what tempo is this song and how many bpm?
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Way too much reverb/delay on your vox. I can't understand the lyrics very well, and your voice sounds like it goes out of key pretty often. The guitar is pretty good though. You just may want to take a lot of that reverb/delay off your voice, and find a way to fill more of the "acoustic space" in the song, maybe do like some harmonies if you can, or just overdub your voice/guitar again. I couldnt quite pick out a solid melody either. Needs quite a bit of work, but your voice has a pretty cool tone to it, i'd bring that out a little bit more and cut down on the effects. Keep it up bro.
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Why is it panned mostly to one side? That makes it even more difficult to hear. I agree there is too much reverb on the vocals....but I think you have a good voice. It's really hard to determine the full potential of it with this though. I can pick out the vocal melody you were going for, which is actually pretty catchy...just work on the production so we can hear it more clearly.

hey, thanks for the crit on mine.

This is really good. Some good guitar playing, and solid vocals. I agree with some of the other people though, you should record this with clearer vocals, and let it stand out more. It is difficult to hear the lyrics and it sounds too soft.

overall though, great job.
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yeah i think this is good.

but youve got it panned to the left too much, and i think it'd be awesome if you had another guitar plucking some harmony.

Thanks for the crit btw
mmmmm the vocals at the start are quite quiet and all is panned to left speaker, but i liek ur vocal melody and some of your lyrics... you remind me slightly of john mayer but u should take the effects off ur voice cuz i feel that natural voices are way better. The chord progression is good and relaxing to listen to... overall gd job... and tell me wen u write anymore :P

as for the tempo i donno in beats per minute buts its quite a slow paced song lol if u didnt know that already

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