Ok so I have a black Epiphone SG thats pretty darn new. I got it a couple months ago. When I play power chords on it, it sounds great, but then i switch to single string stuff or normal chords, its all out of tune and all. Any help? I restrung it 3 times and adjusted some things that my friend told me but nothing works.
all i can suggest is go to your local guitar center or guitar retailer and get a tech to test it for you and see if he can adjust anything for you.. but bring some money... and a little extra for tip....
Yeah ok. I was planning on doing that, but wanted to check here before I spent any more money that I dont have right now. lol. Thanks.
the thing for me is id rather pay a little extra money before i accidently screw my guitar up... but ya or if your friend knows what he is doing get him to adjust everything and hopefully he wont make you pay
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Maybe you're only good at power chords? I dunno, never had this problem with my Epi SG.

Yeah, every time i only touch one string its out of tune, but when I touch 3 at a time its perfect.....mmhmm....
Intonation or truss rod adjustments should sort it.
Except that wouldnt really make sense if Power chords are ok. Doesnt make sense to me anyway.

Is it set neck or bolt on? make sure its straight and not warped and that the nut isnt damaged, I got a new pretty cheap epi LP a few weeks back to replace an old damaged one because i like them for the price anyway. Its nut was really ****ty and rushed, so are a few others ive seen.
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i was playing on a friends epiphone sg and it was sounding pretty good so hopefully you didnt get a lemon