I have a bit of a problem. I can easily solder together the wiring inside the guitar, but I need to know which wires go where.

What I would like to do is:

I have just purchased a Seymour Duncan JB Jr. pickup that I want to be able to split using a push pull potmetre. The middle and the neck pickups are still single coils. I don't want to change anything about those. Just split the bridge pickup.

Would anyone draw me a diagram?

Thank you.
Go to guitarelectronics.com they have diagras for just about everything.
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I'll pull up a diagram for you off the net, because surely there is one. google can find most of the questions people ask lol.

is this a strat? how many volumes and tones does it have? you could replace a volume or a tone with a push pull pot that would make the humbucker go from parallel to just one easily.
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if u go onto the seymour duncan website, somewhere they have a page where you put in the hardware of your guitar and it writes a wiring diagram for you
It is a strat. It has one volume and two tones. I would like to put the push pull on the volume.
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When I bought that pickup, it came with wiring diagrams. Definitely try googling it.