if im only changing the guitar with new pickups etc. what is the best sound i could go for without changing the whole guitar? like as an changing the pickups and is there a way to put a tremolo on it? sorry im really new to gear and switiching things, but im getting pretty good at playing

what pickups would you recomend?

and can i bring my epi special 2 in to guitar center and have them do a full touch-up? how much would it cost?

my truss rod (is that what its called?) needs to be straightened, my teacher said. is that free or how much at guitar center? and also how important is it?

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new pups are only worth it if you have a decent amp
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
The truss rod is very important and should be kept adjusted properly.

But that guitar is way too much of a piece of junk to worry about upgrading and taking care of dings. (I assume that's what you mean by 'full touch up')
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It depends how much you like the guitar really. You could put any humbuckers you want in (I seem to remember the electronics cavity on my old one being quite big, probably big enough for a 9v battery). Although you could probably get a better guitar for the price of good pickups. Also I very much doubt you will be able to get a trem on there, the body isn't thick enough+even if you could cutting out a cavity would be a nightmare or cost loads.