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Welcome to the UG SSBB FC Database, a place full of abbreviations. The Friend Code's of UG Smash Bros. Brawl Players are located here; add, plan matches, what have you. For the UG Brawl Community, go here: UG Super Smash Bros. Brawl Community

Please follow this format when posting your information:
Username - Friend Code - (Brawl Name)
^Follow this format or else your FC won't be added to the list.

UG Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Codes
-JeffWiredBeck24 - 4167 4152 5523 (AlPO4)
-dont_cry789 - 3437 2742 5742 (???)
-PlayMadness - 1719 2857 4472 (BOB)
-StreetLight3989 - 0516 6941 7366 (MATT)
-i have to pee - 5412 9635 1384 (ew0k)
-joebraves92 - 0387 8557 6228 (JOEYD)
-thefoldarsoldar - 3480 2214 0610 (???)
-DarkDude110 - 5455 9075 0663 (DKRZR)
-bluehawk15620 - 4940 5225 4768 (gravy)
-anepicmistake - 4552 9778 0651 (Clint)
-Iceman_8319 - 2148 7805 6053 (JUAN)
-kyurah - 2535 3355 7381 (DAVID)
-Mrs. Lovett - 0645 5498 0197 (Rikku)
-Markieman - 2148 7821 7025 (Mark)
-Dreadnought - 3909 7180 4488 (Z)
-Grizzzley - 0173 1019 1439 (???)
-SuperGrunger111 - 5198 2287 0803 (YT!)
-Blackholesun00 - 2320 6065 9435 (MARTN)
-cloüd1 - 1203 9159 5375 (Cody)
-Ralbert07 - 1934 0340 8658 (MORSP)

If there is a mistake with your FC please let me know.

NOTE: Due to Nintendo's terrible servers for Brawl, lag is a huge problem. Try to add people that are either near you, or people with whom you share the same ISP. Nintendo, because they're soulless bastards, doesn't seem to be doing any fixing right now, so you'll have to bear with the lag.

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its on dude im gettin my wifi hook up tomorrow.
Im gonna pistol whip the next guy that says shenanigans !!!!
just got the game. hehe, will get the wifi soon also =)
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Damit! I haven't realize that until now! Where do you go to find out the Brawl code?
Quote by Qazxs
I got kicked out of a Mac store when me and my friends simultaneously put on meatspin on all of the computers in the store. Some eleven or twelve year old looking girls there freaked out.
1719-2857-4472, I'm "BOB".
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username? regardless, my info is:
5412-9635-1384 (ewOk)
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username - joe
code: 0387 85576228

add it POR FAVOR
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Thefoldarsoldar 3480-2214-0610 (IIRC)

who do you guys main?
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Thefoldarsoldar 3480-2214-0610 (IIRC)

who do you guys main?

Ice Climbers

This thread needs to be updated...

i have to pee: 5412-9635-1384 (ew0k): Main-IC
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Always outnumbered, never outgunned...
an epic mistake- 4552-9778-0651 (Clint)

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Orange Tiny Terror (Combo)
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3DS friend code: 3995-7035-3562
Iceman_8319 - 2148 7805 6053 (JUAN)

I main mostly with Kirby.

Game & Watch comes second.
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2535 3355 7381 (david)

I main lucas mostly. I do well with my friends IRL but not so hot online with the big dogs.

code is 0387-8557-6228

name is JOEYD

i rock the pikachu
Bow down on yo' knees fo' Umphrey McGee's.
Mrs. Lovett, 0645 - 5498 - 0197, (Rikku)

I main Ike, (and no I don't spam AETHER like others), sometimes Lucario and Toon Link...
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Thanks babe.

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SSBB FC: 0645 - 5498 - 0197
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Markieman-2148 7821 7025(Mark)
Originally posted by V12prowler
u could use a blowtorch and a fetus
Hopefully I will be getting a Wii soon, and Brawl will be the first on my list. So far nobody has beaten me with Samus, and I'm not too shabby with MetaNight.
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.

Guys, please follow the format so I can just copy and paste while updating, it makes it much easier. If you don't follow the format I won't add you.

Im playing now its currently 12:45 midwestern im adding this entire list of people posted so you people should definately play some brawl with me
since this is a brawl thread, I need to ask a question. did they completely rid the game of character-specific break the targets stages? I almost cried.

and though I'm tempted to add you all as friends, I don't want my brother questioning why I have a bunch of random know. the whole "look, I'm cool and waste my life on an internet forum" explanation wouldn't go over well....

Edit: not to mention that I suck...
So what steps do I go through to get this whole 'Wi-Fi connection' thing set up?
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At Its_Rock77, yeah they got rid of character-specific ones, now they're just different difficulties.

At bradulator, if you don't have Wi-Fi set up on your Wii yet you'll need to access the Wii Setting and go to internet and choose Wireless (if you use a router) and search for an access point. If you already have it set up just go on Wi-Fi in the Brawl menu and you'll get a Friend Code.

SuperGrunger, I updated your FC to the list.
alrighty thank you for doing will probably be a while before i can get online again on the wii on account that im having severe lag issues currently...... its been happening recently so we need to fix something up idk
I'll update mine tomorrow. I don't feel like checking it right now.
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Blackholesun, put your FC in format please.

Also, everyone who posted in this thread, and everyone viewing it, join the Brawl Group. Link is in my profile.
I know, it's just a joke. I quit the group a long time ago and I'm too lazy to take it out of my sig.
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