I'm looking for an amp that can get me great tone for my future Les Paul (yes it's been on backorder for almost 5 monthes!!). I love Vox's, but that's specifically the AC30 n that sh*t's mad expensive.

Reviews seem that way for this amp, that I'm currently looking at:


The Vox Valvetronix AD100VT-XL

It's 100 watts and you can adjust the watts with a knob on the back so you can get good tone even quietly on this 100 watter.

Loud enough for a gig, quiet enough for home/studio.

Do you guys think I can get a tube tone thats good for like blues based rock?


Does anyone have any experience with this amp? I don't think my local store carries Vox. So I can't really go play on one.
this belongs in the gear forum
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whats your budget

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

One tube in the amp =/= tube tone, sorry.
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Although it is technically a jack of all trades, that amp is geared a little more towards metal and hard rock than anything else. I agree with the Classic 30 suggestion. You will get better tone out of it, especially at higher volumes.
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How about the laney VC30? Aren't they supposed to be cheaper copies of the AC30?
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it's a great amp for metal and hard rock but it only has two clean channels so it's not very versitile in the tone department.
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try a carvin legacy, mega cheap for the amount of awesomeness it produces
well you could get a fender hot rod deluxe or blues deluxe for like $700
you could go with the classic 30 like everyone's been saying
you could even go with an ac15 since you like the vox tone. (about $600)

imo all better options than a hybrid amp
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You definantly want a tube amp, sir. The valvetronix has a tube preamp, which MIGHT change the sound in the slightest fraction of a fraction of a fraction of your sound, but not really. Tube preamps are just marketing, you want an all tube. The hot rod deluxe is pretty nice, though you'll want a pedal for heavier stuff. In my opinion, it's better to get an amp with better cleans and then get a pedal for heavier stuff than to get a heavier more distortion-worthy amp. It's not like you can get a clean pedal for the latter, so the first option more versatile.

And that much for 15 watts, well...there's a reason for that, with two more specific reasons.

It's an all tube amp, so it's more expensive.

Why is this?

1) It's a little more expensive to make.

2) It's better. So, so much better. Oh, dear god. Let's use an analogy- I'll compare choosing between a non all-tube amp to an all tube amp, to choosing between two guitars. All-tube amp is to Anything else as The American Standard is to a Broom.

Also, tube amps sound ALOT louder.
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i feel the opposite way about distortion. I feel that the best distortion comes from the amp and not a pedal.
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i feel the opposite way about distortion. I feel that the best distortion comes from the amp and not a pedal.

I do agree with that, but if you want more versatility, without buying two amps, a cleaner amp with a pedal is a better choice. If you mostly play distorted stuff, though, by all means, get an amp that focuses on distortion.
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what is hair metal?