Hey Pit...I need some help.
I have an outline for a term paper due tomorrow in history.
We chose our topic's, and I chose to argue that the Presidency (as a position) in America, has been significantly degraded since our country was formed.
This may or may not be what I actually believe, but this is what I'm trying to turn into an actual paper. What I need help with is proving this.
So does anyone here have any good knowledge of the Presidents and have any arguments I may use as support? So far, I've got a bunch of flimsy ****, and I want something concrete, but really, don't know where to look. Soo...anyone who can help me prove, in concise arguments based on fact, that the integrity of the presidency has been degraded throughout the history of america, please share your thoughts.

This can also be a general discussion on the topic...I think its interesting and reading your thoughts would surely lead me down fruitful paths. **** term papers, thanks ahead.
I can't really give you any concrete evidence, but since its just an outline, just give a semi-chronological outline. Talk about how they were respected and how much they respected the constitution, people, etc. Sorry thats all i can do
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I only do that if i'm very sure I can pull it off. But an entire paper?
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Yeah...yeah, I know. Its only an outline though.
I sort of forgot about it, and came home on a sunday after a raucous weekend, waaay overbaked, and my brain fried in about a million different ways...to have to do this. My main problem right now is being able to focus long enough to find any legitimate info.