I was thinking of buying pedals, doing a mod or 2 (eg true bypass etc)
then putting on ebay and trying to get a bit of profit.
I know i would need a business ebay account. would there be any legal problems for the pedal modding bit?
i dont think there would be?

but if i decided once more confident to make a few clones, with a few tweaks/mods
would there be any legal problems with that?

well, people sell BOSS DS-1's on ebay with the keeley mod etc. so im not sure if it would be illegal or not.

I'm pretty sure that if you still say its a *brand/model* with *mod* mod, then you should be good
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As long as you don't make the circuits of clones identical (change one component), and don't make the name or look of the pedal similar to the real thing, you're fine. Most boutique pedals are exactly that.
yea, like if you use the boss design then they can sue you (that is if they find out)...however, you could...idk...take the components out and make your own pedal. (english accent) well then, old chap, you wouldn't be making very much money at all, would you?
ok seems like its quite safe aslong as they are blatant rip off then

i will have to look into it