Here is a long poem/short story I am in the process of writing. It is unfinished so far, mostly because I haven't had the time to finish it. The idea is a daughter finding her fathers high school yearbook, but a tragedy had happened while he was in high school and it is not something he wants to look back on.

November was a month for reflection.
Big Number eleven.
Not cold enough for snow, too many clouds to not have rain
It's like that every sunday at one.
The year is closing up, and trying to rinse the bad weather out of the sweater
Pull out the furr, get ready for winter.

Children lounged in the den. Bored. Again.
Nothing on the television, no imagination.
They begin to dig through a book shelve.
I had kept it for myself.
Containing autobiographical information, on musical notation.
Non fiction writing about addicts fighting.

Towards the back, near a corner.
Second shelf from the bottom
A hard cover rested.
Dust glazed over, time tested.
The soft female hand of six years
Grasped the binding gently
Contently viewing it's spine.
Looked very different
For not age, but size
Less than a half inch depth on each side
Rectangularly squared.

Plopped on the floor.
She stared at the cover.
The light from the lamp gave an adoring flash in her eye.
Immediately, pages are flipped through.
Wax like paper had some resistance on the fingers

Pages filled with staggered writing.
Glossy photos. Small. Large.
Posed. "Candid".

I had been on the sopha reading some spread out documents.
Afterwards letters needed to be sent.
Buisness is boring.

"Daddy what is this book about?"
My daughters voice broke the silence, as well as my concentration.
She held up a rectangular shaped book. Letters on the front formed words I saw every day.
Except for two ten, before two ten.
I knew exactly what it was, even without letters.
The shape gave it away. Just like shadows give away men, deflowering women in back alley ways.
Politically inccorect yes. False, no.
The second verse was the best. Like the person above said, kinda not to symbolic...kinda doesnt feel like the song flows correctly, more like a poem/story.
6 out of 10 'IMO'