Hey, I'm a big fan of metallica and I was wondering if anyone had the skills to make a tab for other people and myself. The song is Fade to Black, but it is the Acoustic Live version.

Fade to Black Metallica The Bridge School Collection, Vol. 1

the song is ON iTunes and NOT on youtube, if someone is willing to tab this song, I will gladyly send you the song via e-mail. I personally am most interested in the last crunch riffs and the outro, but it is probably best to start from the beginning. I can play the outro for Fade to Black (Ride the Lightning Version) but what Kirk does on this song is great. Plz no flaming, I've enjoyed Metallica for years.

PM me your email if you would like the song sent.

EDIT: I checked the tabs and there is no tab that I could find of the song I am talking about.
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