hello, my sound is produced with swirling effects, allot of soloing blues influenced and acoustic pieces thrown in the mix. i definitely don't have one, but several sounds. please listen to my music and leave honest comments because i have learned 100's of songs and i felt it is time to write my own with influences of my heroes. i play all the instruments. The electric, acoustic, rythym, lead, doboro, mandolin, bass, vocals, drums etc have all been done by me, plus the mixing, editing and producing. please listen to it and tell me if im on to something. if im not dont be afraid to say i suck. i look foreward to your opinions and time, thank you very much.

I thought it was interesting. I wouldn't really listen to it all that often but that's because it's the direction of music that I am not heading towards right now. But I think me and u have something in common. Which would be that we both do not have a set sound when it comes to writing for our bands.

Would u mind checking out my band?


P.s. Good job on recording! It sounds great!!
They view you as the new messiah!
thank you guys for listening appreciate the time and i have checked out your bands too. anyone else ?