Hi I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I sound like a retard by asking this question: I have a Valveking 212 combo and was wondering, say if I buy a tube head in the future some time, will I be able to put the head into the valveking's speakers? I'm guessing that I can take out the existing jack that comes from the VK speakers and just plug that into the new head? (as long as I don't turn the valveking on lol!) The only problem is that the jack lead is very short so probably will not reach to the new head when its sitting on top of the VK. I have already got a Stereo coupler which is used to connect 2 speaker wires (Is it OK to use this stereo rather than mono coupler?) - So as the grand finale would this work?:

guitar > New Head > stereo coupler > Valveking speaker jack (with valveking turned off!)

Also I would set the correct impedance of course!

Here is the back of the VK, where you can see the speaker jack:


and here is the coupler:


Sorry for the long post.
I'm not sure about the coupler but you can use the Valveking speakers.
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