Hello, I've been playing bass since september last year and this is what I can do (what comes to mind)

Songs worth mentioning IMO:

Californication - RHCP
QStone - You shoukld Know (common blues lines)
Master of Puppets -Metallica
Smooth - Santana and Rob Thomas
Talk - Coldplay
Otherside - RHCP
Back in Black - ACDC
Ghost of the Navigator - Maiden
The Wickerman - Maiden
Of course I know alot more songs that are easier and such, but these are the ones I feel like mentioning

I haven't been very focused on learning songs, more on practicing fingertechniques and getting some basics of playing down. I also startes music high school program fall last year and have learned a whole bit about theory, I know how to read notes if I try to, I play alot in octaves sicne I discovered them, sharps/flats, whole/half steps, parallel keys, circle of fifths etc. I know how to tap decently (not that it matters really) and I know how to slap pretty bad but still. I got a bigger problem with time signatures, as I suck with math.

I play in two band that are both serious enough to play with. We cna manage, with one of them, to record and release a won album this summer but that doesn't mean I'M very good, right?




I'm the bassplayer, tell me what you think.

Thsi probably sucks, but give me your honest oppinion.
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hmm about a 6 or a 5 from what i can tell
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