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pappa the lord of the sex imps myself
That's kinda gay, but it would get you attention.
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That's kinda gay, but it would get you attention.

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You are god, floppypick


If that's how you read my name, leave a message saying so on my profile
My spoof Black Metal stage name is Count Shredula.
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My fav iz Trés Cool coz i iz a big Green Day fan LOLZ


I don't know why but Dick van Dyke always makes me laugh
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I'd never seen you around until very recently, but this and the other pic have caused me to worship you
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Max Power

nobody cuddles with max power, you strap yourself in and feel the G's!!!!
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Count Grishnakh

just a few from atop me head
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Oh, hello mister tracer! Lets dance!
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And we all poop in the sandwiches!

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pass: misterhoffman
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Count Grishnakh

just a few from atop me head

"Nergal" remains the most badass in my opinion.
Mine would be my UG name, minus the 666, but i'd wear some sort of mcdonalds attire with 666 painting or drawn on with a texta/blood or somehting.
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If I were u my stage name would be Buckethead oh sh*t thats already taken

If that's aimed at me, that's not my reason, looking like him will not allow me to play anywhere near as good

Mcdonald's is simply an evil organization

Plus if i ever became famous it would be the only way to prove to the pit who i was.
minez johnny burninate bcuz i rock nuff said
Nice boys don't play rock n' roll...Im not a nice boy and I never was
Buck Naked
May the Schwartz be with us! 2012


Q: OK, so do you care about the labels — nastiest, edgiest team in the NFL?

Jim Schwartz: It's better than the alternative — meekest, least aggressive, softest team in the NFL.

I like Beefcake the Mighty from GWAR
To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
Balsac the Jaws of Death

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What a coincidence one time I ****ed your cousin in the eye.
I always thought Sid Vicious was a pretty kickin' name.
Quit my job blowin leaves
Telephone bills up my sleeves

And they were singin like this!
Stage names from my band:
Corpse****er the Delicious

as well as the ever popular Bloodcum the Devourer of Scrotums.
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Yeah, I have fond memories as a child of fapping to a porno with my close friends before sitting down for a nice relaxing evening of Runescape.
coffee black
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i am referred to simply as "Nig-Nug."
im not a racist, that's what's so insane about this.