I want to mod my strat. Add new pick up's and stuff. where should I start?
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Er, depends. You don't just mod stuff for fun, usually it has to serve a purpose of some kind and you need a specific target. What model Strat exactly?

My noobie little Yamaha Pacifica (which has actually done me a lot of good, so I want to reward it by making it sound 10x better and removing the lame stock pick ups).
Start with the pickups and maybe change the pots and wiring. Other stuff you can do is swap the bridge and or trem and the tuners. You can also mod it cosmetically by adding a nice pickguard and knobs and whatnot.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
Great, pacifica's are ideal for modding - I've tried all sorts with mine. A new nut (bone or graphite) is a cheap but noticeable improvement, and after that I'd go for a good bridge pickup. I reckon the JB will do fine, it's reasonably priced and sounds pretty good. Maybe try a DiMarzio Blue Velvet in the neck, or a Quarterpounder if you want a bit more punch.