i go in to look and try out the new american strats.. im looking for a 3 tone sunburst maple neck...... all i found there was one olympic white rosewood strat.. all they had was one american standard strat.... they also got rid of their Fender reverb amps......... so since i cant get my guitar from GC, where is a good online place to order from???? with free shipping.
i really wish my GC didnt suck because i would like to try a guitar out before i purchase it.
Hey man.

Sweetwater.com is the place to order. Trust me, they make sure EVERYTHING is awesome about your guitar before it ships out. Free shipping, ships same day. and no TAX!!!

That will save you quite a bit.

One more thing, call them up, say you have a friend at the local GC that is cutting you a break for 950 or something like that. Ask him to match it. Trust me, he won't say no.

Good luck
go to private shops, it's always better that way
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If your in the UK Guitars Amps and Keyboards (www.gak.co.uk) is usually pretty good.
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Yeah, I love Sweetwater, if I'm buying something new, it's the only place I go now - they have a sales rep who calls to confirm the order and check if everything is good, and they'll negotiate with you (although, to be fair, not as low as GC on most items) - but free tax, free 2-day shipping, good prices, great service and communication.
I'd wait, I wouldn't spend that much money online...at least not on a guitar, you need to try different ones out before you make a decision on the one you want, and yes I'm talking about trying out different guitars of the same model, for anyone who may not get what I mean....
The only thing I use GC for is to take advantage of their large size to get the lowest prices possible on something specific -

For example, I know that GC (like Wal-Mart) gets a greater discount on things than smaller retailers, so I can safely knock off at least 15%, usually 20% and they are still above cost.

Difference is Wal-Fart does it for you, but you have to talk them into it at GC.

Once they figure out you're not going anywhere and you aren't going to listen to their crap they will work with you.

...but if I want a truly fine instrument that will be a valuable tool for me, I go somewhere smaller and pay the premium price.

Surely there's a Fender specialty dealer around somewhere. There are in most major cities.
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GC = Musiciansfriend. They merged a while back. Same thing now.

Sweetwater, as suggested, is a good alternative