I'd never be the face you'll look at
the same way she looked at you while you would
kiss her face and I would cry so hard
thinking of the pain you caused me but now
its all over and im away from your eyes ,
but ill never recover from your striking smile
that killed me every time I saw it.after all,
you did scar me for life when you first looked at me.

Do you not ever wonder
what I'm doing now a days after all
that you said to me I loved you more than you can see
past the night sky which cant ever be so dark
as to keep us inside because
we always seemed to be sleeping under the sky ,
dancing with the wind up to the stars,
fly past the moon ,
to the sun.
where it warms our skin until it burns to ashes
and we become one.

Is it impossible to love someone this much
is it possible to be lost for this long in thought
without being a human being on this planet made full of fake ****
and everything is just a dream waiting to awaken
someone who will make it all better and be the answer to all problems.
but no.that does not exist.
no one is here to save me,no one can save me.

Your face burns into my mind as I cry out to
The streets behind me loosing all my hopes and dreams
suffering from the truth it seems
But someone can save me.
Someone can help me.
To make me stop crying.
And stop me from dying...

But I must face it...
I'm on my own...
It doesn't exist...
Though I will be--


It felt like every other day
Summer just seemed so far away
Taking back that one last kiss
Washing off the hug I missed

Leave it to me
To ruin this
Leave it to me
To get them pissed
Leave it to me
To kill this lightheartedness…

I apologize for killing your
Heart inside of the lock that broke the key.
Letting your love out,
Opening The door
then you shut me out.

Please don't forget me.
Just don't forget me.
I won't forget you.
Please don't ignore me

I'm sorry for the **** I made
I apologize for killing your
Heart inside the lock that broke the key.

Summer seemed so far away.
Taking back that kiss you gave
Washing off that friendship that we made…

These things are just little somethings I wrote a few months ago.I know it sounds depressing.Don't freak out on me. x]] I just want some opinions.I'm a bit confused with it.Please give honest suggestions for both. (: thanks