So as most of you know, I am trying to get a tube amp

I do not have a particular style (maybe fusion, if you really have to ask): in fact, I want a jack-of-all-trade tube amp that is "good" for all style, since I will be using it for a wild range of music. When I mean good, I mean say a particular amp is 100% for a style, then this amp will be good at 90%. Need to be good from metal to classic rock to soft canto-pop (Insert "master-of-none" joke here)

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and ironically, there's still no parity in here for most items (so it's still canadian price of half a year ago). However, there's this stupid carbon tax that will limit my access to my car (more like will end up having no access). Since I am short (5' 5"), carrying a heavy item, even with wheels, will have problem. The closest bus stop is 15 minutes of rough roads, with up-and-down driveway ramps.

I had Used a luggage cart to carry a rented amp from the bus, and I found myself banging the corners of the amp a bit. However, the weight is much less on the speaker cone, and more on the transformer, thus, if I limit the wattage to 15 or 30, it would be fine.

My original plan is to get a Blues Jr off of craiglist for 270, and then run a pedal that I will get next semester for metal sound. However, except for one phone call, I am unable to contact the seller: he didn't responded on his cellphone when I call him at night (9pm, then 10pm), and he didn't call me back when I leave a message on his voicemail; he also didn't responde to any email. Thus, I consider this offer no longer exist.

My current plan have these options:
Budget remaining at 300. I can buy this at this semester:
1) Get a used ProJr at 299, and then get an additional pedal for about $100 in the future
2) Get a new Super Champ XD for 299.

Rising budget to 500, will have to wait till next semester:
3) get a new blues jr for 450, then get a pedal, for about 100 in future.
4) Get a Traynor. Don't know model, but it's 50w with 12". Plenty of used here at a good price, and that's not even counting craiglist. Only concern is the weight, thus limiting it to pure gigging when I could probably catch a ride. (So I will have to rely upon my current SS amp when practicing with others)
5) Other options: I think we have a peavey dealer around at Boardway (not certain), and L&M's used are still of good quality.
go for a blues jr and a landmine distortion pedal.......i have the blues deluxe and the landmine and couldnt be more happy with its ability
The Pro is certainly more portable, but I say keep looking until you get a good deal on the Blues Junior instead. Maybe try an AC15, or any other similar 15W 112.
If you really want that level of versatility from the amp, you need to go with the Traynor. A 40 or 50W 1x12 will not be so much heavier than a Blues Jr that it's worth passing on the far superior amp.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
Bump-mer: So that means I should wait out? Currently my usable amps is my CPB150 and a Traynor TRM30 (Tone is better than Fender Frontman but even cheaper by about $100). No pedals.
I'd suggest you wait. The Traynors are just so much nicer than the Pro and Blues Jr. You want versatility and gigging power, right? If money is that hard for you to come by, that's all the more reason to make sure you get what you need the first time. It's a poor excuse to get something cheap.

Another good investment for you would be a road case. Putting casters on a tube amp is a no-no, especially if you plan to roll the amp along the street. A road case will be well padded and designed to absorb most of the shock of the road.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
Okay, so now I am down to two options:

1) Get Super Champ XD now for 299. May upgrade speakers and/or transformer in the future.
2) Get a Traynor Tube in 4 monthes; L&M in Canada occasionally slash price, so it cost about 500 for 50w 12", same price as blues junior.

So now my question is: How is the super champ XD? I think the honeymoon period is over, so people should have a proper judgement now. The preamp reliability and versatility seems to be a good selling point.

P.S. If anyone knows where they sell blackheart 15w in Vancouver, tell me the location and tell me the price in Canadian dollars. Axemusic is the only Canadian web company, and they only have the 5w there.
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Wait, wait, wait.


Think about it, there's gotta be a reason that the 15W Super Champ XD with all it's bells and whistles sells for less than Fender's bare bones Pro Jr. Right? I wouldn't touch that thing.

Man, those Traynors are just so much nicer than all those 15W Fenders. Nicer than the Hot Rod and Blues Deluxe, too. We shouldn't even be having this discussion.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
Ok. So Super champ XD is out (except for modding, but definitely not right now)

Traynor it is, unless someone can tell me where the heck you can get a Blackheart Handsome devil combo in Vancouver (or canada), and then point me to the price (Canadian, of course) IN fact, where is the crate-amp (parent of blackheart) dealers?
I'm gonna have to chuck a +1 to slats here. Good things come to those who wait.


Just a couple of ideas. The main thing is, musiciansfriend.com does ship to Canada if you have a limited choice at local dealers.
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