I've done some searching and I was trying to figure out which one is better. The Tremonti SE has tone and volume knobs for both pups, I would think that you would have more control of your sound this way rather than with a single knobs for volume and tone, like the Single Cut. If anyone that has played these guitars could let me know, I would appreciate it, thanks.
I'm not sure.

I've just got my girlfriend to buy me the singlecut for my 18th .I dont think I can hold out the whole 13 days!!

I just went on the singlecuts looks. there both great looking guitars but the singlecut has the edge.
id save up and buy one of the cheaper american ones like the mira you could a used for like 1100 it great guitar i know the se's are cheaper its not the same as a nice american mad one
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Anyone know?
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I've got a tremonti Se and its pretty versatile, i play a range of genres and it handles them all very well. As for the singlecut it didnt feel too different from my tremonti.
Picked up my Tremonti SE today new for £359 and tried the Single Cut SE for £399. As far as I could tell the only difference is the maple finish on the standard SE and as you said you have two extra knobs on the Tremonti. For some reason the Trremonti felt better and the I think the look alone wins hands down. Had been mulling over the idea for a week and glad I took the plunge this morning as the cost of the PRS's are going up by about 20% in the new year (maybe exclusive to UK, not sure), and at £359 one of the best guitars for that price range. Total guitar reviewed it in Nov 08 and it won it's group hands down.....take a bow Tremonti