Hey everyone,

first time posting on these forums so i hope you guys can help

Heres the story....

I have a Marshall 50 watt 1987xl head. all tube vintage plexi reissue. And its a sweet amp but... its way too loud. and the volume control is so stupid. it pisses me off big time! if anyone has one hopefully they know what i mean. you turn the volume up and get low muddy tone and then all of a sudden... BAM... it kills your ears. its pretty much useless for the gigs, practicing, and any recording i do. so i definitely need a new amp... I play a lot of genres of music too... Rock/Punk/Alternative/Blues... you name it. I've been looking at some different amps and really have no clue what to get. All the shops around here have crappy selection so sadly i have to rely on word of mouth and videos, demos, recordings, etc.... So to cut it short here is what I'm looking at.

Vox AC30CC

the custom classic head seems like a great choice. Has a master volume, reverb, trem, all the goodies but im a little afraid that all of those features will just be too much. A lot of me wants all of that but at the same time i know that sometimes simpler is better. Anyone that has one of these that could provide some information would be wonderful.


This head in my opinion is so much cooler looking. And way simpler. Im just afraid that it will be too loud for what i need it for and wont be as versatile. even though you can cut the watts from 15 to around 7 im not sure if it is the best choice. It doesn't have reverb or trem on it which kinda bites too... any input on this amp would be great too!

Marshall JCM800

For some reason I've always liked this amp... its simple looks awesome and has a master volume. Its definitely the most expensive of the three but i think its going to be closer sounding to my Marshall now. but what do i know thats why i'm asking you guys!

if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions please ask!!!!!

thats a lot to digest but thank you all a ton! hopefully i can help everyone else out a little bit too.
I have looked into an attenuator but I've heard they suck a lot of tone. I havn't really researched them that much so that could be a total lie but ill definitely check that out. And i'm nor sure that its the tubes I'm pretty sure its just the amp... but i have no clue any thing i can test to see if it is the tubes?

Thanks a ton so far for the suggestions!

oh ya...

Right now to get the tone i want I'm using my Marshall and a peavey triple xxx and it still doesn't sound the way i want. its just a pain to have to carry around all this extra gear to get "that sound". i have the Marshall right at the volume before it kills ears and the peavey turned up to fill in whats missing. Not to mention it sounds pretty cool running a stereo flanger and a stereo tremolo through it
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