This is a thread for the people who love Maverick (You don't have to own one, this is a public server!) and who are truly saddened by their sudden departure from the industry.

This is a place where people can comment on their Maverick and tell all the world how much better they are then ESP, Washburn, Ibanez, Cort, BC Rich and loads of other guitar companies.

My F-1 in black is the best looking guitar ever in my opinion. It sounds great, plays great and it was as cheap as chips. The contouring is the most sexy ever!

Return the mighty Maverick Man!
It's a shame they quit....

The side ways control knobs they have on some of their guitars are a pretty cool touch, too.

Anyway, this thread needs some cool pics:

and their day glo yellow is pretty neat:

You've read it, you can't un-read it!
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can anyone say ibanez RG nockoff?

Ah but the Ibanez ripped off the Strat! Its a big circle, just the music industry but it doesn't matter in the end of the day. As long as there's good guitars and good music. This is cheaper than a RG and yet still has the same specs and quality of build.
they had a lot of these in a music shop i worked in for a bit. i always thought they were pretty crappy. nightmare to clean as well.
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what's so special about these guitars?

I'm not being offensive, I've just never heard of'em before
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what's so special about these guitars?

I'm not being offensive, I've just never heard of'em before

If these guitars were 1500 euro, there would be no need to rave. But these guitars are so cheap to buy (used to be) and the quality of the build is tenderly done and has obviously been worked on extensively. The young guy who owns Maverick is just a dude who thought, I want to make an affordable guitar with striking looks, shreddable neck and tight pickups! He did it and he doens't care whether they sold many as long as he made a few people happy and made the best guitar in that price range. Its hard to find a guitar with this kind of intricate workmanship in other models of this price range.

Schecters kick ass but the one I had was really poor. Cort are good but are also hit and miss according to some sources. Other brands like ESP are just too expensive for what you get.