I searched for somethinglike this, couldn't find it anyways there's these songs that I wanna tab, but nobodyhas, soI wanna learn how to tab them myself, how would I goabout doing this?
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Just lots of practice - start out with slow song that will be easy to listen to - it is VERY frustrating at first
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If you can read tab, then you pretty much know where you're heading. Try to listen very carefully to fast songs and write the notes down and look at video of the guitarists playing them, and try to find out what strings the notes are located at. And also be on the lookout for pull-offs and hammer-ons. You'll be able to spot them after a while, from experience mainly.
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Yeah, live videos are always useful if you can find them, don't trust promo videos though that you see on MTV and the likes as they're usually mimed.

If the song is based on chords listen out for the root notes and work the changes and then build the chords around the very basics. For riffs, find the first note and determine whether the next note is going higher or lower. Quite often you'll begin to notice a pattern and start to hear the intervals rather than the notes.

It's all about practice and just teaching your ear what to listen for and will come with time. Don't worry if you struggle at first. Learn common chord changes and a few scales and it'll help you quite a bit more.
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