I find myself searching and searching for opinions, videos, reviews, and audio samples of all kinds of gear.

The thing is, I do this when I have NO money and NO intent on buying these items.

Anyone else scour the internetz even when they don't have money to buy something?

Why do I do this?

95% of my computer time is spent doing this. Is this normal?????
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i go to the music store about once a week...and iv bought 4 things in the past year or so, plus tons of internet research. im right there with ya.
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You're intersted in gear--it's normal.
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Every time I'm in Glasgow i visit a guitar shop, and I have no money...ever :-D
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We all do it. I basically drool over the Gibson Les Paul Supreme, but I don't have anywhere near enough money for one.
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yep do it all the time, i got to guitar center 1-3 times and my local store 1-2 times a month, i barely buy things at GC and usually only strings at the local, most of my time on the internet is spent looking for gear
I used to go in Sound Control nearly every day when I first started guitar, trying out nearly everything whether I could aford it or not. Then I'd go home and search through websites and write lists of things I wanted. It was so pointless.

Since getting a job I've spent most of my wages on gear, a new guitar, a digital recorder, a wah pedal, a valve distortion pedal, a delay pedal, a flange pedal, and recently DiMarzio pickups and a wah upgrade. I'm planning on saving up for the next month and getting a new amp .
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Well I DONT have any money atm, but will have about $185 (its a start ) and I am planning on buying a new amp (Peavey classic 30)
damn, i need a freakin job -.-

I really wanted to try out that amp, but samash is like 45mins away, and GC is just a little less than that by like 5mins and parents dont have time to take me

I wish they'd build a samash close to where I live. I'd go there every week
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