I just bought a new ibanez rg350dx , but it has a floating trem and changing

tunings is really really pissing me off . Is there any way to lock my floating

tremolo so that it is a hardtail, or can only dive bomb like on strats?
Honestly i'm wondering the same thing...
I have an rg370dx, and the trem pisses me off too... spent a couple hours last night trying to fix a half a step sharp g string...

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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you could always add more springs in the back if you have any
but yeah like the guy said, tremol-no is good as well
i can help you guys out, i had the same problem and i blocked the trem myself. i cut a piece of wood, and shaped it to fit between the gap in the back, where the springs are pulling the tension ( i put it between the spring block and the body) so that the springs hold the wood in place, then you can down tune all you want. ive had it liek this several months.

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hmmm....so you put the wood to block the tremolo so it wont go up? seems like it should work. im going to try