Hey I'm seriously looking into buying a H1 Strat. I have recently learned that the Highway series was originally Highway 1, and then changed to Highway One in 2007. I would much prefer the older version due to the smaller headstock. Are there any differences other than the headstock, pickups and bridge? Thanks in advance.
Some finishes as well. Same finish, just some different colors. I have a 2002 Strat and I LOVE this guitar.
a friend of mine, who is a professional, says he prefers his highway one tele over his american standard and american deluxe because the finish allows the tone to resonate more, and he says he likes the p/us (im not a fender guy so i dont know if the pups are the same in the american standard or deluxr series as well)

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I own one. She's one of the best guitars I've ever played. I'm actually a fan of the larger headstock, though. Wow, I wish I had more in depth things to say.
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I don't know who said it, but someone said "Mexican fenders are made by mexicans in mexico. Highway ones are made by mexicans in california."
As far as I know, you're only paying for the American idea.
They're made from some Mexican parts yeah. So? They're good guitars and it's what matters. US Guitars are also made by Mexicans.

The Highway 1 are just an alternative to the US Standard series. I PREFER the HW1s as their bridge is better for me simply enough. Different guitars dude.
Dude go for this guitar i played the H1 at my local store i bought its still on layby though i cant wait to get it i preferred it over the standard the feel and the all round sound was so much better

Dude The finish is awesome so yeah get it!

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Highway Ones = Best Fender Guitars I've played so far!

except maybe the Eric Clapton Strat

But still, Hwy1s are sweet!
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