alright, i want a fender strat, but i'm not sure if i should get the new american standard or a mim strat and get new pickups. any suggestions/opinions?
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Too bad those are hard to get.
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Too bad those are hard to get.

are they really? I found quite a few one of them. But most of them are super strats, the other's are somewhat pricey, but still less expensive than MIA ones.

Japanese fenders are actually really awesome. Smooth playability, tasty sound.

Also if you can get an MIA. But if you want to save some moeny then get the MIM. You can modify it the way you want to. And still save a couple of bills that you can alter put on towards your amp. And speaking of amps what amp do you currently own?
American strats are an all-around better quality guitar. You will probably be happier with that than a modded MIM
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Too bad those are hard to get.

you owuld have to go used to get one of those probly

i have the same problem. mostly i want the american cause of the 22 frets
i do agree with that, the real issue for me is money though. that's really the only reason i even considered a mim, they don't sound all that great to me. i'll probably get the american. on that topic, on the new standards, are the pickups decent?