i am going to start saving for a new spider iii amp soon and i just wanted to know if it was worth going for the 30watt. but i wanted to know if it was worth saving up for the 30 watt. is it that much of a difference? i have a cheap ibanez starter pack amp now so anything is better than that though lol. thanks
You should know better by now than to ask that question. Especially on this particular forum.

Please, don't get a Spider unless it has Valve in the name.

If you can't afford anything better, get the Roland Cube 20X. It will still be a MUCH better amp.
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what's up with these spider threads popping up out of nowhere.

Well anyways the 15 watter is good for beginners.
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get the 15 watt, either that or get a roland cube
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Roland Cube 30. Spider SS' suck, the valve on the otherhand is sick.
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yea i was originally looking at the cube 20x. but then my friend recommended a spider iii. but i didnt realize how many spider haters there were here >.< i i have an ibanez rg370dx that im playing through it.
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Neither, get a cube

Don't listen to these people, play both and see what you like.

I personally hate Cubes but love Spiders, you might be the same.