Like its a v as in more vertically, or across your leg resting on its side? I prefer the latter.
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for me...since i play bass, i like to be weird and act like its an upright bass so i do the V but either is fine for me, i usually play it on its side though =)
I would play it like I'd play a V. Hell, I like playing alot of guitars like a V, seeing as I like the feel of it. I own a V so I'm used to it :P
I do both. It matters how I'm sitting. If I have on leg up on the chair then I'll hold it across, if not, then I'll hold it like a V.
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I play mine standing up.

But sitting down, across my leg, sort of like an explorer or a strat.
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I don't have one but this friend of mine had one, I used to play it in a classical position.