Iv been playing 1 year 4 months now and need some honest criticism, heres a short blues improv i just did, <a href="http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/hdfu/ilikebigbutts">Click here to listen!</a>
You have become a level 3 blues improviser!

+10 skill, +3 Dexterity, -1 Holiness, +1 Magic, -2 Intelligence, +3 Wisdom
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Your at the same level as any regular guitarist playing for that long. You have a nice guitar tone though.
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im running my clapton strat thru a digitech rp350 into a marshall mg..(****ty practice amp i got it for free tho so idc)
I think it sounds good, nice tone out of the mg actually.
Have you taken any lessons?
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can you fuсk it?

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Oh I will find a way.
eh, i did for a month, my teacher was ****ty and taught me aboslutly nothing so i taught myself, i dropped out of school so all i do is play guitar when my friends are in school i wake up at 7am and play till 4 pm lol everyday