Hi, I've been playing off and on for about a year on a accoustic guitar but recently i have started to receive an echo accompanied by a fain humming noise when i strum the A string. I've tuned it to no avail, I have no problems with any other string. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
do you mean an open a string or on a fret. I would check for a loose tuning head or a groove worn in your saddle on the a string as for the hum i wouyld check to make sure everything is tight on your guitar- endpin and heel strap button bridge pins possibly a loose brace under the top it could be something silly vibrates at that frequency heck i dont know. good luck hope that helps.

Edit: try putting on new strings if you havent done that maybe your a is worn out or if you just switched strings could have a loose winding and be defective if so mail it back to your string supplier and they should reimburse you.
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when you install new strings check the tuner head and shaft most guitars have a phillips head screwon the side and a locking nut on top feel it when the string is off if loose tighten it up if not skip to the saddle the white thing on your bridge run your fingernail across it where the a string goes overtop if you feel a noticable v notch it it then you should file it down to where its flat how ever most saddles wear out on high e and b strings first. Once all of your strings are off also put your hand inside the sound hole and feel if your top braces are loose or use a compact mirror and a flashlight.

hope that helps if not smarter people than me will have to explain it to you and give you other ideas
I'm sorry i gave the wrong string it was high B, I dont know if this makes a difference though. So do you recommend simply getting new strings?
yes and deffinitly look into the saddle notch b wears out first usually and yes new strings are always first check.
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Hmmm....might not be anything wrong at all. Might just be that you are becoming more "in tune" to the sound of your guitar. Try this. Tune it up to standard as perfectly as you can. Get all the strings right on. Now, mute every string but the B and pluck it. Now, selectively, unmute one of the other strings, one at a time, then pluck the B again. In other words, un mute the high E, pluck the B and listen. Then re mute the high E, un mute the G and pluck the B. Keep doing this all the way down to the low E. At a couple of points, just by plucking that B, you will start up another string ringing. If this is the sound you are experiencing, good. Great matter of fact. You want it. You need it. It's part of what makes an acoustic sound so good.
You can do the same thing all across the board. Just choose a different starting string. A is a good one too.