I just want to say I know its not perfect right now, but I'm going to continue to edit it to make it as good as I can. Hope you like it.

The Phantom of Bedlam

A sound rings through the hallways
As pebbles make their way from a pocket to a floor
Is it wrong for a man to say
That sands of time keep the gods away?

A princess is looking down from the towers rotting shelf
The all encompassed earth devours her mind
As she smells the decaying air
Which seemlessly rises from sulfur fields

I find it hard to look within
This distraught hourglass that holds
The unceasing ocean

Every movement, serene and challenged
A trapped door in which
The Devil's breath breathes us in
Skitzophrenic, I hope for death
Than life in this wretched cell

Now, the river that runs dry
Out of the windows that are the eyes
Will never see, but only hear
The sound of knives supplanting the mind
I've been tossed away, forever assunder
The ghost that haunts me will kill m e now
With the rose, I smell death
Masking all this bitterness
Locked away, in this dungeoun
The night sky fusing the light
The smokescrene in my mind
Makes me this bedlamite
And lets me go from this cage
Like the owner lets the aged
Bird fly into the horizon.

I find it hard to look within
This distraught hourglass that holds
The unceasing ocean

Paralysis shades my eyes
The river breaks by my sides
And sleep takes me under...
The last time I'll see the night sky
Underneath the constallations lighted eyes...
One more dream I will choose to have
Closed my eyes, and cuffed my hands
I lie down on an invisible raft
And let the lowly river carry me out...

The last ride I've ever taken
Was the ride into the eternal ocean.
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Very good. Lots of fun to try and interpret, especially the second stanza. It's obvious that you don't like cliches, 'cause you've used every other way to say things in this. It's almost an enlightenment to see how many ways there are to get a point across. Have you thought of music yet? Or is this just a poem?