I think making action higher is supposed to increase it, and lower your pickups.
mine wont sustain for beans either. ive just accepted it. that, and/or add lots of vibrato
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Your pickups might be to close to the stings so the magnetic pull just might be killing your strings vibration. EMG's dont have very strong magnetic pull so it's probably not the issue but after the 8th fret is when the strings would be closest to pickups. So i would lower them a bit and see what happens. Also check your battery's they might be getting weak. And make sure its not buzzing off a fret and you just cant hear it. Lowering the action can kill sustain if its buzzing off anything...
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i do have a little bit of buzz actually, ill raise it a bit

Yup, theres your problem... The buzz is touching the string canceling out the full oscillation of the string....
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be sure to use new strings too. Additional sustain will come at higher volumes.
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