this isn't metalcore... it's emo. or if you threw a screamer in there, it'd be screamo. i couldn't imagine hearing metal growls over your music. your guitars seem kinda bland but your drummer makes it tolerable.

sorry if i sound like a dick; i just don't like emo too much since i graduated high school.
Your drummer is pretty good, I enjoyed his playing a lot actually.

I agree, at times the guitar does seem to be a bit bland, but with some lyrics over it, I think it'll be fine.

The first song I disagree with the emo statement, it sounds pretty metalcorish to me.

The 3rd song however, I would agree sounds a lot like emo with all the chords, etc.

But don't get me wrong, I enjoy some emo bands everyonce and a while if they're good, so it's not like I'm insulting you
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