I have a lot of CDs I wanted to sell, anyone know where I could sell 'em?
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yard sale?

i was thinking GARAGE sale.

but this works


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Well, I was wondering more along the lines of an actually chain of stores... sort of how Gamestop buys games, is there like a "Gamestop" for CDs?
Ebay f0r t3h w1n
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um... wherehouse music buys them
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search up local record stores (like privately owned stuff)

i live near detroit, and there's this store nearby called flipside records. it's a small store, they sell old records/videogames/movies/new cds/whippets. all that stuff is irrelevant, but they do have a big local section, featuring a bunch of bands from the detroit area.

just google record stores and look for something privately owned.
EBAY, 4 the win!
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pawn shop or a local cd store
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eBay or small record stores will usually buy them.
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try around with dumb friends so you could rip them off or just some local music store that buys and sells cds