How do they feel?

I've been thinking about getting a V series...

I have a ****ty custom strat and hate it.

I have an Ibanez rg and hate it too lol so...

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Dude!!!! Personnally, I hate the Firebird...but, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Huh, well I guess I just can't seem to find a guitar I like lol
Favorite Artists/Bands
1.John Mayer
2.Smashing Pumpkins
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Huh, well I guess I just can't seem to find a guitar I like lol

Just cause he hates it, doesn't mean you have to. Find what you like, not what other people like.

Personally, I love Firebirds, I just don't the money to buy one.
Johnny Winter uses one, and I'm not inclined to disagree with him.
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Hmm. It's kind of funny because I have a really nice amp, just don't have the guitar to complement it..
Favorite Artists/Bands
1.John Mayer
2.Smashing Pumpkins
I would recommend a Firebird. I had my heart set one one of them for months and I ended up getting the RG in the end, I just liked the sounds/parts a little better I guess.

They are really solid guitars, neck thru, giant tuners that work great. Go for it man
they are beautiful guitars and sound really good, so....why not?
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Not my fav. i didn't like the fret access compared to my strat, just though i should let you know
I own one, they are nice. 60's neck, decent fret access, great sound (love the sound of the V) all around great guitars, just try one out for yourself first.
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Hmm, I like the Firebirds, they have some very pronounced pros and cons though


Great sound - very bright and "compact" sounding, sound more like a humbucker than a single coil however, gives great bluesy leads and raunchy rhythm
Surprisingly decent sustain for the small 'buckers and bright sound

Cons: too many for me I'm afraid

Weird balance
Neck seems to protrude really far out
Said neck is really chunky in comparison to a 60's LP neck
Picking hand or arm just doesnt seem to sit right at all

It's all a matter of preference really. I'd only really consider buying one of I had a load of money. What other guitars have you tried btw TS?
i think it's a pretty cool hard rock guitar, besides the xplorers (i hate xplorers), and Dave Grohl's one is great. i think it's a good guitar, i'd wanna got one
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Huh, well I guess I just can't seem to find a guitar I like lol

What? Just because I don't like the Firebird doesen't mean you shouldn't.
To each his own. I find the shape funny looking, and doesen't look like there's very good fret access compared to other models. I'm not saying it's not a good guitar, it's just not for me. I was just kidding with the "Dude" comment.
Get an SG maybe? They have the same bright sound, but they aren't as awkward.

I like the Firebird VIIs though too. They just take some getting used to is all.
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