Ok, so I'm filling in at bass at a show for my friend's band at the end of the month. There's only one problem: I don't have a giggable bass amp. However, I do have a 120 watt guitar amp. Would I be able to play my bass through the guitar amp without any amp damage, or should i look elsewhere?
Playing your bass through a guitar amp = ****ed up guitar amp.
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Dont mean to hijack the thread but would playing bass through a guitar head w/ headphone hurt?

But yeah... Bass - guitar amp - bad idea!
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It's the speaker you'd be damaging. AFAIK, if it's through a head and into a bass cab it would be fine.
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I's possible and it won't damage the amp! I used a crate amp for over a year that was a guitar one!!! its still in top condition 2
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The amp might make it through unscathed, I played through my father-inlaws Fender Reverb for a month or so when my amp crapped on me, and it was just fine. Some damage can occur tho....so it's a gamble really.
you can.. but it is not recommended. I mean you can probably use 20 to 30W of it and not do any damage to it... but that is not "giggable".

Using guitar amps for a bass is more of a short term practice thing.
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