So after pulling the neck pickup out of my casino I noticed that the neck is not making a complete bond to the body. It looks like part of the base of the neck was chipped off before they set everything together. I attached a diagram to help explain it. The black area between the red and the green is where the empty space is. I probed it and it measures about 7/8 inch deep and is pretty rectangular inside. I'm not sure how much difference it would make, but i'd like to know that the neck is completely joined - especially since its a hollowbody and i need all the sustain i can get. Would it be reasonable to fit a shim in there and then sure it all up with glue? Let me know what you guys think.
I hate to think of how that happend with a set neck O.o lol I don't know what to think, doesn't like a bad idea to me, but then again I havn't played with a set neck yet.
Im not sure about wood filler. I dont think it would be as strong or hard as neck glue. The bottom gap there is about a half centimeter tall and the crack down the side is just wide enough to slip a once folded slip of paper in. Dont know if that helps answer anything.
Wood filler will do nothing for sustain. And would be difficult to get a deep narrow crack filled anyways. Sounds like your just kinda stuck with the way it is. I guess when they built it they didnt think anybody would notice or just didnt care.
Heres my masterplan at this point. I'm thinking I will hang the guitar with the neck pointing at the floor. Then I'm going to fill the crack to the brim with neck glue while its acting as a basin. That will make it easy for the glue to get everywhere it needs - even in the small crack on the side. Then im going to slide in a shim and catch all the glue that it forces out. I dont see how it could be done any better than that. It has to be better than leaving it how it is. I'm not sure what kind of wood i should use though. The neck is mahogany, but maple is denser so maybe i'll go with that. Thoughts?
Yeah I know its not going to kill me to forget about it, but I just figure while I have the guitar all taken apart I might as well leave it better than I found it. Plus it really isnt an intensive project - just fill it and let it sit. Now I've been reading about some people using epoxy as a wood filler on their guitars for screw holes, etc. Maybe I could forget the shim and the glue and go all epoxy?