I,ve been tossing this idea around for a while in the Pink Floyd thread, so here you go.
We can go into more detail about what they played, whitch scales they played in certain songs, and what key they were soloing in, ect.
I hope to start a tab talk revolution.
Great Thread Idea! I always visit the Pink Floyd Fan thread as well.

I am sort of new to guitar. Been playing a bit for several years but finally found the time to really get into it.

I have TAB for Fat Old Sun and I can play the whole song including the solo. However, I am not good at learning solos just by listening (yet) and I cannot find the TAB for the solo to FAT OLD SUN that David Gilmour did on the "Remember That Night" DVD in which he used a white Fender Telecaster.

AWESOME SOLO! I wish I could get it from just listening, but I can't. I suppose I could just noodle around with the cord progression (G, D, F, C).

Any help would be appreciated.