Check out this sick new punk band.

They'll make you want to throw stacks up in the air.

I'll see you when I get there, homie.

Punk rock, would it wear socks?

serious discussion only, please.
stfu nick

watchin new corner gas. cant hear over your newfiespeak.

(newfiespeak is like newspeak except newfies speak it and instead of 'ingsoc' you have 'I's da by's'"
I'm not only newfie, but a south coast newfie.
I've got a hardcore accent and I call people "ninny fudders" and "skip da bees".
That's pretty punk rock.
I went to Newfoundland once.

Everyone there thought they were a Viking.

It was sweet.

excpet they weren't Vikings.

I wanna go back now that I'm older. I was real young.
yeah my uncle goes down to Pennsylvania every couple months cause he's some kind of hunting guide.

Newfoundland's pretty sick.
Especially where I live, I'm Mi'kmaq and live on a native reserve. So we get cheap booze, gas and cigarettes and on weekends we go to other towns and start ****, fights and beating **** up
Quote by original=punk
Yeah, furthering the sterotype that all that goes on in Reserves is fighting, and drinking. Way to go!!

**** yeah it's sick.
Besides, the stereotype is true, cause it DOES go on everywhere.
Very little is more fun then fighting and drinking.

kind of frightens me to think that you never saw the sarcasm in my original post, too.
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I still can't understand anything this guy does. Ever.
Journalism is just a gun. It's only got one bullet in it, but if you aim right, that's all you need. Aim it right, and you can blow a kneecap off the world.
i am ****ing lost....
I love all forms of Rock 'n' Roll, past and NOT present