the blem items are returned items, or items that were slightly damaged in shipping, etc..

blem stands for blemish...

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When I posted to something somewhat like this in Electric Guitar, they said post here next time
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You'd think so, but the guy was sloppy about what he said:
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this belongs in the gear forum

Hi scarypete!

You're trying to do the right thing, but you were given poor directions.

This is Gear Building & Customization.
It's for questions about mods and DIY on guitars and gear like amp and pedals.

You want Guitar Gear and Accessories.
It's for questions about choosing and using amps and pedals.

I'll report this thread for you, and ask a Mod to move it.

Meanwhile, anyone who wants to reply on it, should feel free to reply.

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Crazy... Anyways, I do think the question was answered. The blemishes on items marked 'blem' are usually no worse than what you do yourself within a week. BUT- sometimes there are some gigantic dings in them, so I really can't give you any final advice. Personally I'd buy a blem item, but not online unless there was a specific item page with photos for that particular item, and not a stash of similar blemished units. Because you could get unlucky.