What area of study is needed in college to go into making guitars.

Pretty simple question as well.

I want to make guitars and things along those lines...
What would I need to take etc?
also some electrical type stuff
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Thanks guys, but...does anyone have a...fuller...answer?

This doesn't help too much. :P
Go to a luthier school, or at least get some experience in woodworking. I don't think it takes a degree to build a guitar, just the know how. At most I would just take a course somewhere on it, unless you want to go to an actual luthier school.

I don't think electrical engineering skills are anywhere near necessary to understand simple guitar electronics.

One thing that you could do would be to is study up a bit on some sort of acoustic materials science to advance guitars using uncommon materials like carbon fiber, metals, and other junk.

But yeah, you would probably be better off trying to work as an apprentice to a luthier or going to a luthier vocational school. Its a craft that probably requires more skill than actual knowledge (aside from fundamentals of fret and bridge placement).